The summer of 2016 is approaching and I´m looking forward to a busy summer!
The great Jazz Festival of Copenhagen is one of the highlights (2:nd to 10:th of july) and an other highlight for me is that I will play at the Ystad Jazz Festival with one of my great heroes. This is not made official when I write this, so I can´t tell you anything yet, but keep updated on the website of Ystad Jazz Festival!

In april I´m mixing, mastering and have meetings regarding my new recording of the music of Bob Dorough! That´s very exciting!!
And on the 12:th of april we´re playing the music live in Copenhagen at the club Paradise Jazz!
I have made a Youtube-channel with clips from recordings and gigs with Bob Doroughs music that you can see here!

Poster designed by Linn Tordestam, picture by Andreas Paulsson
Poster designed by Linn Tordestam, picture by Andreas Paulsson

Then I also start the season of 2016 at the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen!
This year I will also play some small band jazz at the old ”Harmoni-pavillon”…
Keep updated with my calendar on this website for more information about when the concerts are!

Finally I´ve been playing a little bit with two of the great younger jazz musicians in Denmark, Ida Hvid on bass and Zier Romme Larsen on piano, and I´m having great fun doing that! We´re working on a project that I´ve been thinking about for some time, but we haven´t tested it yet. We will test it in a small concert during the Jazz Festival, so once again: Keep updated with my Calendar on this site!

2016 have been a great year musically so far, and I have a feeling it will go on in the same way!
I can only be thankful to have the privilege to experience all the good music and musicians around me!

See you out there!