Finally it´s here!!

My second album, Mårten Lundgren Plays The Music of Bob Dorough, had it´s release on the 1:st of august 2016, 13 years after my first album Travellin´!

Great fun!

You can buy the record by clicking here!!

Mårten Lundgren Plays The Music Of Bob Dorough
Mårten Lundgren Plays The Music Of Bob Dorough

We should have played with Mr Bob Dorough himself in Ystad Jazz Festival in august 2016, but alas, he broke his hand just a week before the festival.
Instead we did a tribute to Bob and his music with the wonderful singer Anita Wardell from the UK!
It was a great gig and the music of Bob Dorough touches souls, so there were many happy faces in the audience!

Finally I have made a Youtube-channel with clips from recordings and gigs with Bob Doroughs music that you can see here!

See you out there!