Some reviews from my career..

First some very sweet words from the late Arne Domnérus
(Nerikes Allehanda 19 december 2003):
Nerikes allehanda 19:12 2003


And here is an article about me when I had my 40:th Birthday
(Sydsvenskan 16 october 2009):

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A review from Sundsvalls tidning and our gig with my project ”Mårten Lundgren Plays The Music of Bob Dorough” 2015-10-26 :

Review Sundsvalls Tidning published 2015-10-28 (opens in a new window)


From a review in the British magazine Jazz Journal of a performance we did at Ystad Jazzfestival 2016-08-05:

Bob Dorough had been scheduled to appear but unfortunately was indisposed so, at very short notice Wardell was called in to help deliver an excellent tribute to Mr Hip in the company of trumpeter and vocalist Marten Lundgren, with bassist Helen Marstrand who also doubled on vocals. Lundgren is a really interesting personality whose excellent trumpet playing and vocals can be enjoyed on his Gateway Music release Marten Lundgren Plays The Music Of Bob Dorough. The CD features the young Sven Erik Lundeqvist on piano and he excelled in the concert at the Klosterkyrkan; he also led three nights of lively jam sessions at the festival.
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A review in Sydsvenskan on the 3:rd of september 2016 of our record with music by Bob Dorough:
Review from Sydsvenskan (opens in a new window)

”If you don´t like the record Mårten Lundgren Plays The Music Of Bob Dorough you should pay your doctor a visit”
From a review in the jazz magazine DIG on the 13:th of september 2016, and you can read it (in swedish) here!

A review of the CD from the Swedish jazz magazine ”Orkesterjournalen”: