Schackmates is a band that was founded around 2005 and they play standards as well as original tunes by the members, all in the great tradition of the Hammond Organ sound.
Schackmates has made one record wich was released on CD in 2008 and on LP in 2018.
Schackmates has been touring all over Denmark and has also represented Danish Jazz in China in 2008, with concerts in Bejing and in Shanghai.
You can see VIDEOS with Schackmates Here!

The members are:
Jesper Løvdal, tenor saxophone.
Jesper is well known on the Danish jazz scene! He can be heard in many various constellations and has recorded with many of them. He can among many other constellations be heard with Marilyn Mazur´s Maluba Orchestra, the band Hvad Er Klokken mfl.

Jesper Løvdal
Photo by Malle Madsen

Mårten Lundgren, trumpet
Mårten Lundgren is a Swedish trumpet player mainly working in Denmark and has established himself as a highly demanded trumpet player in both Sweden and Denmark in various constellations. He has subbed a lot with the Danish Radio Big Band, plays regulary with the Danish Tivoli Big Band, but is also a leader of his own quartet with young musicians. He has released four albums in his own name.
You can read more on Mårten´s homepage

Foto: Torun Börtz

Martin Schack, organ
Martin is a great organ player and pianist, but also a great entrepeneuer!
Besides from playing with a lot of different top musicians in Denmark, he also runs his own jazz club Termansens in Ribe, has established Ribe Jazz Festival, and is touring all around Denmark with the danish singer, songwriter and comedian Niels Hausgaard.
Martin has made a lot of recordings of his own including top names as trumpet player Tom Harrel among others.
You can read more on Martin´s homepage

Karsten Bagge, drums
Karsten Bagge is a drummer that, like the rest of the band, has established himself in the Danish jazz scene since many years.
He has recorded three albums of his own, and plays with a lot of popular danish jazz orchestras as Henrik Gunde´s ”Gunde On Garner”, Thomas Clausen Trio, Bob Rockwell…
You can read more on Karsten´s homepage

Schackmates in Shanghai 2008